So, here it is – the 24th of April, polling day for the state of  Tamil Nadu!!  This will be the second time in my forty odd years that I will be exercising my franchise. Before you wonder, let me clarify the doubt- I had not voted earlier because my name was not on any voter’s list until the year 2009!! 

The daughter left early for a poll booth.  As a student reporter in a neighborhood newspaper, she has been given  an assignment to  observe poll booths, speak to residents and do a small write up. I could not help feeling a little nervous as this sixteen year old pedaled away on her bicycle armed with a notepad and pen.  The reason for my nervousness is difficult to explain.  As a middle class Indian my image of election s, campaigning and polling are not very pleasant.  I think a lot of this has to do with my mental image of people in politics!! 

“Don’t worry, it is not assembly elections. She  will be okay” reassures her grandfather over the phone.  Why?  “Are candidates contesting Lok Sabha elections  “safer” to be around with? “  I wonder.  At this point  a cartoon in the Tamil magazine “Ananda Vikatan” comes to mind.  Appa had pointed it out to me ages ago when I was in school. It showed two  disreputable looking chaps sharing a dais as two citizens were in conversation in the audience. One of them was asking the other “ Which one of the two on the dais is the MP and which one the MLA?”. The other chaps  responded saying “ The fellow who looks like a rowdy is the MLA and the chap who looks like a pickpocket is the MP”!! So, I guess there are levels of dishonesty with certain levels being perceived as being more dangerous than others!

As a citizen, one of the facts that troubles me is the lack of what I consider “decent” people in politics. When I say decent I do not mean the English speaking variety who give out good bytes in their TV interviews ( though that does have its own appeal). I mean an average person who lives in his/ her constituency, is  doing something for people there, attends the house sessions raising issues and is overall an honest person.  Unfortunately there seem to be very few such  people!! The party politics system of our democracy prevents citizens from voting for individuals. We ultimately end  up voting for a party!!!  And often in a bid to vote ( or not vote) for a party whose ideology is something that we may or may not agree with , we end up voting for the wrong person!!!

I do not know how parties decide on selection of candidate or constituencies. They seem to be courting people who are famous,  whose public image will draw in voters or it is sometimes the reverse where hardened criminals try to develop a shade of respectability by courting political parties for tickets!! Either way it is either money or fame that decides who would be the candidates.  And the choice today seems to be limited between supporting corruption or communalism. As one of my former colleagues says “ I would rather pay some bribe to a TTE while travelling on a train rather than have the train blown up by a bomb”!!!

I am sure there are many who are in a dilemma like me. There are those who seriously believe that some parties would usher in prosperity like Lakshmi  floating on a lotus while  others believe that some  parties would be able to clean up the mess like a  broom. Whatever, one thing  is clear- there is going to be no clear majority. It would be a case of coalition with each supporter putting in  their agenda.  And the person who leads the government  should have the ability to deal with these demands in a balanced manner.  I doubt if the parties whose PM candidates have been announced would be able to manage this. It would probably be an unstable government that totters along for a couple of years before it falls or this might be the last election that the world’s largest democracy might have! If we look at history we can see numerous examples that supports my prophecy. Hitler was supposedly a great administrator and ensured that Germany came out of the post 1st World war slump. But we  know what Hitler was all about…!!

They say that India is a maturing democracy – I wonder what it means…!! But whichever government it is that comes to power, I would say we probably deserve it!! In an election it is not the candidate’s capacities that matter but the perception of the electorate about the candidate. So I guess, ultimately it would be either fear or finance that would be used to coax the large millions who do not watch TV or read newspapers to vote. In the end, it is their vote that counts!! 
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  1. Honestly, I have reached my tether end commenting about the 2014 elections and candidates on the blog . fb and twitter,besides the many arguments and discussions with friends .

    I do not foresee any succour for the country. We have on the one hand a virally communal man cloaked in the silken robes of corporate agenda.on one hand and an eternally corrupt, again opportunistically communal party the Congress and its nit-wit PM aspirant. Then on the sides ravenous vultures in the form of regional parties waiting to draw blood in the event of a hung parliament.
    Well in all likelihood we can see another POST WORLD WAR I Germany in India .

  2. I vote for the 2nd time too this year! On 12th May - voting is rather tedious because - like you rightly pointed - we are voting for a party usually and not a candidate..Very often the candidate we wish to support is running independently or from a party we are sure won't win - therefore, rather than letting one vote go waste, we vote for one of the majority parties...

    Sometimes I wish we had the two-party system in India (like in USA)....Even though this year has the NOTA option, I don't really see it helping much....

  3. @ Anil, grim reality yes!! Lets hope it does not come to that.

    @ Divya you are right the NOTA option does not change the larger picture

  4. Your fears are misplaced and things will be alright.I am optimistic we would have better governance,less corruption and increased growth.You can feel the difference after six months.

  5. Nice article. I believe Indians should adopt American style while selecting candidates to contest from a particular constituency. In India, the party headquarters “selects” the candidate. They give seats to their sons, daughters, wives, nephews, etc. In the American style, there is a primary election before general election. In a primary election, the people vote to select each party’s contestant and then they contest the general election.

  6. I recently saw the episode of satyamev jayate which tells how parties chose the person to lead, and sadly majority of the times its the one who has tons of criminal cases against them :)

    sometimes it irks me a lot when people say that everything will be alright and things will change ,, thats because we are still voting for the same corrupt..

    I mean each one of us knows that Mr A is corrupt, he is a criminal , he is the worst leader YET thousands, millions vote for the same person.. so its the common man that needs to change .. not the leader..
    its US who need to change not the party..

    if we change the leader or the party WILL have to change , how will they be able ot do business if We change ...

    good post enjoyed reading :) and helloooooooooo how are you


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