This is the second guest post on my blog. There could have been no better gift to celebrate the3rd  birthday of the Chronicles. Written by none other than  my father - P. Sundararajan !!! I am honored!

It is said that ‘foresight’ is necessary for success in life. Though this trait of ‘foresight’ varies from person to person, many times (for people past sixty), ‘hindsight’ gives many times a satisfaction that you have reached a stage in life which would have been worse off, otherwise.

But ‘hindsight’ is not productive for the future of any individual, it is definitely a source of satisfaction for people who have a positive approach to life and incidentally may be of help to others. 

In my life, such incidents have happened (without myself realizing), that certain actions as a young man and certain decisions I had taken had done well to improve my life, personality and that of my family. I will explain in more detail. 

When I entered college (intermediate class of those days), I was put into a Catholic mission college (Loyola at Madras), since my father had a great regard for these institutions, which he hoped would shape his son’s future properly. So I spent my two years of intermediate at Loyola Madras, and after that, as is the case of every young man, there comes a turning point to proceed with the road ahead. 

My illustrious Alma mater
Two options were open. My cousin had taken engineering and naturally, with my good marks in science subjects at the intermediate level, my father wished that I join Engineering college – which were only four or five in my state of Tamil Nadu – all government colleges. 

Since the process of admission to Engineering college takes at least 2 months, from June to July, all youngsters, as an alternative, would also try and join a degree course (mostly science / maths) with plans to leave once the engineering admission is secured. 

As in the case of everybody, I tried admission for science/honours course in Chemistry, which was the subject of my liking. As per my father’s wish, I applied to the same Loyola College for B.Sc. (Hons) Chemistry, since all the connected subjects (maths/physics), I had very good marks. 

My father accompanied me for meeting the principal of Loyola College and seeing my marks in Maths – where I had got cent percent – he immediately offered me (or ordered me!) to join an honours course in Maths. My hopes of joining a Chemistry (Hons) course were shattered. My father was jubilant that his son is going to read higher maths, as was the case of one my distant relatives, who incidentally is the first graduate from our family. 

In those days, sons didn’t have much choice of the subject they studied. Many times parents decided and so it was with me. I joined the Maths (Hons) class which, though not tough, was for me literally boring especially when I thought of the principal who denied me admission in Chemistry (Hons)!

The only alternative left to me was to hope for admission in Engineering which eventually I got in the College of Engineering, Guindy, and I came out as a Civil Engineer. 

My extended family
When I look back (hindsight), I feel God had some plans for me which I didn’t realize at that time. If I had continued in science, I would have landed as an academic or clerk with the govt (and in due course rise to junior officer level). Because God pushed me into Engineering, I could join the Indian Railways, go to various places and states across the country which widened my horizons, knowledge and also that of my children. 

Let us pray to God that seek his plan for our betterment in life, though we may realise the benefits of His ‘plans’ at a later stage in life – through ‘Hindsight’

                                                                                                   P. Sundararajan


  1. As a brilliant student,he woulld have made his mark even in Mathematics and gone on to get a doctorate.But what irked me was the venerable principal deciding on an alternate course instead of going by the aptitude of the student especially when he had equally commendable score in Chemistry.Be that as it may,he got ultimately what he desired and rose to high positions in railways and in the process took you people to see diverse cities.The bottom line is that he was a remarkable student.

    it is a singular honour for you Meera to have guest post from your dad.How many are so privileged?.He can also be justifiably proud that he wrote as a guest in a blog noted for its excellent writing,fearless views and vast range of subjects dealt with..
    Hearty congratulations.!!!

  2. Such a simple but beautiful narration! Thank you Mr. Sundararajan. I also thank you for giving us a great friend in Meera!!

  3. Excellent post. Indeed, God works in mysterious ways. No doubt about it. I would echo Mr. K. Parthasarathi. With Math as a major, your dad may have become another Ramanujam. Who knows! However, the Principal deciding his “major” is unacceptable to me.

  4. Well Meera this is a pleasant bday gift and coming from your father.

    I guess as excellent that he was in the subjects, Math or science he would have made it big, and let God gape in wonder.

  5. A lovely gesture from your father to celebrate the blog anniversary/birthday, Meera! Everyone can relate to such designs of god:)

  6. Wisdom of our senior citizens give us the inspiration to see God's works in our lives. We may or may not understand the reason but God sure has some plans for us. I so much liked the example of hindsight to show us what was the purpose of all the events in our life. I wish uncle a healthy and happy life ahead too.


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