365 days in blogosphere

Yes folks- I am one year old as of today - to the hour in fact! I wrote my first post  " The world of women" exactly one year ago on 26th September 2010. After that it has been a love affair with the key board in this virtual world! Blog Adda has featured me among its 100 Notable Newbies and I am humbled by all the comments that I have received from you!

I sometimes wonder why it took me so long to start blogging. I mean, I wanted to write and could write. My sister Deepa who had been blogging for over a year  used to constantly urge me to write but somehow it never happened until one day when I sent in an article to a well known newspaper published out of Chennai. I received no response from them and after repeated inquiries was told that the article in question ( which was about how the state was taking over the task of social concientization and therefore trying to subvert the  efforts made by non profits in this regard) was "unfit" for publication! I was furious as I had seen articles far lower in standard being published every now and then. Was it my being an unknown person that was deterring the acceptance of my writing?  I decided on that day  that this Unknown Indian will find her own space for expression!

My first post was about an intensely personal experience following the death of my mother-in-law. I was overwhelmed by the comments that I received but almost all of them were from known people. It was only after about 4 months of blogging that I actually started receiving comments from unknown people ( I will not call you strangers because all of you are now so dear to me!).

As I wrote, I also read. There were so many souls like me out there! I could identify with other bloggers not just on the issues but on the style of writing! I have mental images of every one of you and believe me when I say so, none of this has any connection to that profile picture on your blog! I see you through your words. 

A blog to me a space for expression so I try not to get too influenced by ratings ( though I must say I was disappointed when my Indirank dropped from 72 to 67 :-) ). I have often wanted to enter contests but somehow I back out  at the last moment because I don't want to turn competitive on something that I enjoy. But I get thrilled every time I see a new person following my blog. Nearly 4000 visitors from 85 countries have entered my world.. and I cherish each comment left behind.

I learnt about the most important etiquette of blogging- when you visit a blog comment only if you feel the need to and not to just leave a back link to your blog! I try to visit all the blogs on the list of those I follow but I find that there are some which I visit regularly and some which I visit only occasionally.  No, it has nothing to do with the content, it is just that I probably have been able to connect better with some bloggers than with others.

After ten months in the virtual world, I felt confident enough to diversify my style of writing and move on to fiction. Thus was born Kaleidoscope. I don't advertise  much of what I write on that blog because there, like the true author, I want to be "discovered" by the reader! I wonder if I am embarrassed at some level to have known persons read all that emotional stuff that I write there.. I don't know!

Interestingly, I found that some visitors to Kaleidoscope have sent me friend requests on facebook. (One of them has even requested for my phone number on a FB message following the friend request  !**!). Sorry, guys, I can't accept them because I don''t know you personally. FB as you know is a network of friends and I am not sure that I can introduce someone I don't know well to my other friends! However, I have made two exceptions to this rule when I accepted friend requests  from Nivedita Louis   and Shomoita Alam Lopa . In both cases I must confess it was initially because of their gender! But the other reasons being that Nivedita was  an employee of the Indian Railways and therefore family ( I am a railway kid) and Shomoita reminded me so much of myself when I was her age!!

The first year as you know is an important milestone in one's life and I am glad that I survived it. I still have a lot to learn. For instance Indi blogger keeps telling me that my scores are low because I am not able to position my blog well enough. I really do not know how to do it. In fact it has been quite embarrassing to shout about it from my FB wall- (the nuns who taught me at school have obviously done a good job with modesty I guess...). But yeah, the positioning of every new post on Indivine has helped. Thanks to all those who have voted for me.. ! Being featured on blog adda's  Spicy Saturday picks and Tangy Tuesday posts have also helped

My father reads some of these posts when I ask him to and then tells me " You should send it to a newspaper"! How can I explain to someone of his generation about this alternate space and its significance? I remember an article that I had read somewhere which talked about alternate histories - the histories that do not get chronicled because it is the history of the subaltern. But over  time when the "old order changeth"  then it is these histories that are read to understand the real situation during the time and space. Newspapers also have their blogs but unlike the editor there who decides what goes where the free birds of the blogosphere fly everywhere ...

( I request fellow bloggers who comment to please leave a link to your favorite post from your blog. . Please.. this is my birthday and I would love a gift from all visitors)


  1. Happy Birthday and many many happy returns of the day....Time to blow out the candle I think..*puffs up his mouth with a mouthful of air and blows hard*..:-)

  2. Hey! Happy Birthday...

    here goes my gift :)


    hope you like it.


  3. Dear Meera...Hearty Congratulations on the milestone. And a very Happy Birthday to Chronicles of an unknown Indian:) Grateful to the newspaper that rejected your article, we have such a wonderful blog:) I visited your blog once and kept coming back simply because i loved the daring ATTITUDE that brims in your posts. And thanks for the add in FB, i get to know you better- the same Meera that i saw through words! Don't worry about indiblogger's rank status- that is not the yardstick for what we write. But do submit your posts in indivine to enable more bloggers discover you. Keep writing!!! And here is your Birthday Gift...read and laugh:P

  4. Happy buddy ji.....:))

    Blogging is a very enriching experience! It opens you out, and helps connect with so many other minds......i am yet to complete a year in blogging but so far the journey has been good and i have loved it....!!!

    It has been a pleasure knowing and reading you Meera ji.....Wish many more birthdays post come in this place....


  5. Happy birthday, Meera!

    I have read many of your blogs but started commenting recently. I love the way you express yourself!

    Keep writing and hundreds of your readers are waiting to read you!

  6. Many many happy returns of the day to you lovely blog .. congrats for completing a year.. It is exciting when you look behind .. I am nearing 2 years myself :)

    all the best and many more birthdays to celbrate..


  7. Congratulations Meera! It is indeed an achievement to complete one year. Many of them make a beginning in all excitement though it fades away. Your commitment towards the blog is commendable, which shows that you are a true writer!

    keep up the good work. There s a lot to learn from your thoughts! though I do not comment for every post of urs, I do read them. its just that your posts are far too thoughtful and mature than I can comment upon. they are something that give me a new perspective... i can just go "hmmmmmm...." abt them! :D :)


  8. Hearty Congratulations on your achievement.I like your blog for several reasons.There is conviction in what you write about,your style of writing is excellent,flawless language, variety of subjects dealt with,fearlessness in expressing your views even when they may not be popular and above all the regularity in posting.The other blog on short stories is a gem and read avidly by me.
    I tried in vain to get your email ID from your sister but left it when there was hesitancy.
    My entire blog is a birthday gift to you.Since you asked to specify one, I chose one at random-In search of happiness(not that it is good)
    The link is http://kparthas.blogspot.com/search/label/MSN%20Stories

  9. Hello Meera,

    Happy Bloggoversary. In fact you were here only for one year. But u already have earned recognition among the fellow bloggers, that a four year old one like me could not achieve..I love ur writing style and excellent command over the english language. Ur way of expressing things is truly unique. and I think u know my fav post. Thats one day in heaven. here is the link


  10. Thanks all of you for comments and your gifts...!

  11. Belated Birthday wishes!
    Was good reading through your journey. I visit your blog, and always find myself being immersed or absorbed into some indepth thinking and analysis of a wide range of topics. Leave with a feeling of being enriched in some way! Keep writing and inspiring.
    My blog isnt all that active, though at times I strive to keep it that way. so a link, which isnt in any way spectacular, but stil :

  12. Many happy returns of the day. This is the day to celebrate and not to worry about what a newspaper did in the past. 4000 viewers from 85 countries is the real recognition! I wish that this 4000 grows to 40,000 asap.

  13. Many happy returns of the day. This is the day to celebrate and not to worry about what a newspaper did in the past. 4000 viewers from 85 countries is the real recognition! I wish that this 4000 grows to 40,000 asap.

  14. You said that your daughter loves cats, here is a post of mine to you and your daughter, enjoy! http://maradhimanni.blogspot.com/2010/03/first-45-days-of-3-tiny-loving-kittens.html

  15. Hello you awesome blogger !:)
    Congratulations on the completion of a successful year in this marvelous world of blogging :)

    Here is a link to my favourite post from my blog.. Hope to have you there :)


  16. congratess...

    its better not get influenced by rating..but its also true that appreciation is really healthy for creative mind.

  17. Namaste and congrats to add to that i will like to present you with the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD. Please stop by and pick it up. you can access it by clicking the name of the award, it will take you to my award page there you can right click and save.

    take care.

  18. Hi Meera, Congratulations on one year of blogging - it is indeed a milestone! May there be many more happy years and posts. Enjoyed going through your blog over the last few days - you have a gift indeed. And you obviously know how to position your blog quite well considering how successful it is! Keep up the great work and God bless. Regards,
    Amy and Arpit

  19. Aw, man. Congratulations for completing 365 days. 72 people following you, and your blog is in itself a gift, Meera. Keep writing. :)

  20. Ohh wow!!!!! I was away for a long time...but now I am back.

    Congrats:) I am sure you must be feeling great...!!!

    Each and every post in your blog is thought provoking. I also appreciate the efforts you take to analyse each topic and write down your opinion.

    I am yet to visit your other blog..will do it soon.

    I would like to share this post with you. It is very close to my heart.

    Take care


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