Being myself - some honest confessions

I  always fancied myself to be writer- right from my childhood. I used to have these dreams of winning a prize and people applauding…!!! Though I have obviously not reached anywhere near that but being nominated for an award by none other than my “super smart” younger sister Deepa  certainly brings a warm glow to my heart. I don’t know how much of this is family loyalty but I would like to think that it is a serious feedback from her. Thanks a lot little sis!

 As the recipient of this aware I am supposed to write 7 honest things about myself. Well let me begin..

  1. If there was a song that best described me it would be “I have a dream, a song to sing,” ( though I am not sure I believe in “something good in everything I see”). I guess the operative word here is dreamer. Ever since I can remember I have spent a large part of my life in a dream world. I am sometimes accused of losing touch with reality- so engrossed I get in this world (“absent minded” is a kinder word to describe this) . So accepting the reality of a situation often comes to me with difficulty.  

  1. The genes I inherited from my paternal side of the family make me a very articulate person. My mother tells me that I could speak when I was ten months old! I like to think that I speak sense. My parents encouraged me to speak my mind and so I do it all the time- often being used as a spokesperson by others who find it difficult to “speak up”. Over the years I have learnt to temper the words that come out of my mouth or my pen/ keyboard so that I don’t hurt anyone or put myself or others in trouble.

  1. I have a very hot temper and am also “gifted” with a very sarcastic tongue – a deadly combination that can finish off people I dislike. I tend to dislike spineless people who have no guts or who have no position on any issue. My temper also scorches people who grovel before authority and expect others to follow suit when they are in positions of power.

  1. I trust easily- very easily!  Obviously this has put me in situations where I have been badly hurt. Today I am wiser and probably exercise more caution in my relationships.

  1. I love cultural, religious and ethnic diversity and cannot exist in a society that is parochial or not diverse enough. I don’t believe in national, regional, religious, caste or class stereotypes. I take each person as they are- liking or disliking them for what they are and not because of their nationalities, religion, caste or class.

  1. I am crazy about travelling. I have often wondered whether I was Fahien, Avvaiyar or Hieun Tsang in one of my previous births. I have a mole on the sole of one of my feet which according to an astrologer is a sign that the person would have the desire to travel across the world and seven seas. These feet are always busy though .. walking ever since I can remember- not always travelling the seven seas – often pacing a room when deep in thought!

  1. I am extremely emotional and am easily given to tears – a beautiful poem, a sad story or a mushy scene in a film is all that it takes for the eyes to fill up. I used to be very embarrassed about this when I was younger but now….. I frankly don’t care!

I have tried my best to be as honest I can – those who know me may agree ( you’d  better!). As required by the conditions of this award I have to pass it on to three other fellow bloggers

Nivedita Louis Cloud Nine  I  can relate to her  ideas and her style of writing. She has a great sense of humour and writes about simple everyday things and also about social issues with the same passion.

Ibhade- Housewife Tales ( the nitty gritty)   Sometimes I think we are twins separated at birth- she writes the way I think. I like her straightforward “no nonsense” way of putting ideas into words. She has given me an insight into life in Nigeria- a country that I did not know much about. I think she has the potential to be another Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Just as I got hooked on to this writer after reading “Half of a yellow sun” similarly have been hooked on to the housewifely tales.

Anindita -Ai Zindagi  Ani writes with such feeling! I had tears in my eyes when I read her blog post about the old lady who serves breakfast to street children! Her post on the unborn child was equally emotional. Ani is a person I have not met yet  but who I know so well now through this virtual world. She is married to one of my close friends and between the two of them they are a very creative and artistic couple. I think she should publish her blog posts as a book which her husband should illustrate


  1. Congratulations for the well deserved award....

    its good to know little about each other through all these tags n awards sharing post....


  2. congrats on the award...
    and good to know about temper , welcome , hello how do u do :) ... i would love ot be sarcastic though :)
    and dont let me start on trust, havent found anyone so far who has come to uk from INDIA and not broken my trust .. when they wated to come they were the best friends and i was the best person in the world the moment they got there job done and there papaers signed from me ... it was another story :( and yeah keeping them for 4 -5 months providing food and lodging is nothing it was my DUTY to do it not jsut ot them but others also ...

    hey was i sarcastic there ... :) learning the tricks i guess he he he


  3. Dear Meera...I am humbled! Thanks a ton for the Award and i am passing it on to three of my favorite bloggers:) Read my post- "To Be or Not to Be..The Versatile Blogger";)It is really interesting to note our honest 7s are copies of each others. We both must be on the same thinking plane and am happy to have met you online- a senior version of me:P Wish you many more laurels. Good luck!

  4. I am honored Meera, thanks very much, am happy that you got to learn a thing or two about Nigeria as i Learn more about Indian from you.

    I trust easily also, put me into much trouble that i can remember..fiery temper?..please let me know anytime i offend you so that i can run for cover..*laughing*..sarcastic? *hi5* getting good at it from blogsville world..#wicked's a pleasure knowing more about you.

  5. Meera, Congrats. I just recently came to know that you are deepa's sister and that you both share similar personality traits. You do write well, incisive posts, even deep sometimes. Keep up the good work :).

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments. You know it was so difficult selecting only three..? Ibhade don't worry about my temper- I don't think you will offend coz you are very balanced and straight speaker. Nivedita yes, it is surprising isn't it that writing helps us relate so well? Rachna , yes Deepa is my sister- can you imagine how our parents would have brought up ( "not all girls are Rakshashis like you" our mum used to say). Bikram I can imagine your plight- we Indians can be a very "mutlabi"lot. Irfan- I wanted to say that I like your blog too. It is very simple and straight like its name Apni Boli!

  7. Wooooooow!!! An award... this is a mazing i am sooooo happy for you. well deserved hope to see more of your wonderful writing soon. x o

  8. Cograts Neera!
    Looks like we are all friends, and friends of friends.
    These awards brings us closer, and also helps us know each other better.
    Enjoy the award!

  9. Meera, thanks so much.....I am so very humbled. I will pass this on two my three fav bloggers...


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